BenTanLi Foundation

Mission Statement written by benjamin allen mielke, Tanja London, and Li Zhan

mission & goals

            The BenTanLi Foundation is a public space specializing in dance and related artists.  It is a non-profit organization that provides space, time and energy for free or low cost arts education, professional and amateur artistic endeavor as well as for wholehearted community involvement. It allocates professional opportunities for established and emerging artists, researchers, artists-in-training, and interested members of the local community.

            The Foundation is rooted in a holistic approach to the body and the mind, grounded in the benefits of cross-disciplinary collaboration, and dedicated to bringing the Arts and Sciences together to foster innovative research methods to address the human condition.

            The BenTanLi Foundation seeks to create an innovative and nurturing environment where artists and researchers in residence receive full support to continue their research, and where young artists and members of the local community can participate in these ongoing projects.   We also strive to establish fruitful connections between artists and donors in such a way as to create a self-sustaining support system for the arts.  In this way, we intend for BenTanLi to be a destination not only for our local community, but also for internationally renowned artists and scientists and students. 


   Self-sufficient facility in city center, including:

   ground level shops & businesses (massage and somatic practices, fair-trade supermarket, clothing and merchandising, artist supplies)

   cafe / restaurants

   roof community garden

   meeting hall



   dance studios

   conditioning facilities

   multimedia lab

   nutrition lab

   costume shop

   “black box” spaces for installations and performances

   other studios and workshops for painters and sculptors

   residential space for artist accommodations

   offices / conference rooms

   first aid / physical therapy clinic


amenities / services


   free or low cost classes for the community

   free meeting space for community groups

   fully-funded artist in residencies ( 3, 6 and 12 months duration)

   professional classes




   multimedia / technology


   in other artistic disciplines

   specific art collaborations

   specific science oriented collaborations

   media and technology

   research design

   grant writing

   professional development

   nutrition / cooking


   performances / concerts / exhibitions

   donor-artist functions

   symposiums / conferences