Goals : Daily

While I apply for teaching positions, I thought it best that I continue to educate myself and remain proactive (in lieu of complacency and skill degradation.)  Twyla Tharp would be satisfied with my goal of daily practice...

Here is my tentative goal:

*One hour toward Rosetta Stone (Spanish)

*One hour toward Adobe CS6 (starting with Photoshop)

*One hour toward Logic Pro / Final Cut Pro (alternate days)

*One hour toward photo editing (or one complete piece, whichever ends sooner)

*Two hours toward physical fitness (class, yoga, gym, stretching)

*Up to two hours toward dance theory, research and pedagogy / course planning (can include reading dance related literature or choreography)

*Up to two hours dealing with coins (defcat numismatics / eBay)


I think it's a lot, actually...but actually it's only 10 hours in total.  If I can achieve this, I'll be a lot more confident about my prospects of getting hired somewhere, and of being a useful faculty member once I get there.