My reward for finishing a thesis draft...a 1965 DDO Kennedy Half!

Finished (hopefully) my final draft of my graduate thesis tonight, and decided to start poking through my rolls of Kennedy Halves in search of varieties. Found so far:

1971 D DDO
1976 D DDO (2)
1965 DDO

Took some photos of the 1965...wondering if anyone wanted to venture a grade and maybe help with the attribution. 

From the CONECA master listings, looks like I have the -002: 
*Spread on 965 of date
*Spread on WE TRUST
*Spread on TY of Liberty

I have photos of the obverse/reverse - would love some opinions on grade.  There are some parallel lines on the lower right of Kennedy's bust that are NOT a fingerprint - I've seen them on other 1965 halves...must be die polish lines?

Also, have a closeup of WE TRUST and the Y of LIBERTY for verification.







Arrows pointing to areas of doubling on TRUST.

Arrows pointing to doubling on the date, specifically the 5.