Consignments and Upcoming Auctions


I am happy to provide professional-quality consignment services.  My usual rate is 10% of the Final Value Fees, with eBay and PayPal fees paid by the consignor.  I handle photography, listing, customer service, and packaging/shipping.  Upon completion of the auction, I will send you an itemized PDF file with each coin description, eBay item #, listing dates, FVF, plus a breakdown of fees, shipping costs, etc. 

I can also sell your coins outside of eBay, whether through my own website, local auctions, coin forums, Facebook, Craigslist, etc (or a combination of all depending on the coins.)  My commission would still be 10% - but there would be no eBay fees to contend with.

I prefer that you include (either via email or with the package) a list of the items you would like consigned.  If you have specific goals for pricing (i.e., what do you need to get from each item) I can price the auctions accordingly so you are taken care of.

I advertise each consignment in each online coin forum of which I am a member to ensure that there is a solid collector base that is aware of your consignment.

Once the consignment is completed, I can send you payment via PayPal, check, or money order, whichever you prefer.

If you would like to consign coins, tokens, or paper money, please contact me here. If you have specific goals or requirements for certain items (i.e., you have to get a certain amount for a certain coin), please include that in your pre-sale inventory.

I have created two pages, one for Current Consignments and one highlighting some of my favorite Past Consignments.  Feel free to take a peek to see what kind of listings I have provided.

June 2 Coin, Currency, Collectibles, and Jewelry Auction

Hosted by McCurley Auctions, I’m happy to announce an upcoming auction FULL of interesting items. Lots of US Type Coins, World Coins, a large group of sterling jewelry starting at 2x melt value…and that’s just what I’m throwing in the auction so far!

Visit AuctionZip to register to bid.