Digital Imaging

(under construction)

If you enjoy the photographs of coins listed on my site, then I have great news for you:  I can also photograph your coins!  For a low per-coin flat rate, I will provide high-resolution images of your coins (obverse and reverse if raw; obverse, reverse, and both slab sides if slabbed.  

If you have something specific in mind, please contact me and I can get started!

basic imaging (1 coin)


This includes full shots of each side, edited/circle cropped and combined into one image.  Slabbed coins will include full images of each side at no extra charge. 

ebay/dealer imaging

$2/coin (25 coin minimum)

This is my attempt to help out fellow collectors and dealers who may want to sell a larger quantity of lower-value coins online and don't require fully edited images.  This will include one obverse and reverse image per coin (square cropped) with either a white or black background.  Images can be sized to fit whatever limit requested.  This is basically the same image you'd get for $5/coin, but since I won't spend a lot of time in Photoshop editing I can lower the price (to help keep your margins down.)



I can combine images from a proof set into a group image, or include a photo of the slab sticker for reference purposes.  Wallpapers for PC/Mac computers, tablets, and phones, headers, images for business cards, etc.  Whatever can be done with Photoshop, I can do for you!

(NOTE: Photoshop has software built in to keep users from editing US Currency, so I'll need to be a bit creative!)