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The One Word Biography

My Life Story In Eleven Words
I have not quite gotten to where I belong just yet.

100 Words Of Me
I was born in Belleville, Illinois and served with honor in the U.S. Navy before earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and my Master of Fine Arts in Modern Dance (with a Certification in Screen Dance) at the University of Utah. Ben heads RWD’s aerial/flying department where he is responsible for the training, rigging and safety procedures of the flying rehearsals and all equipment. Ben is extremely thankful personally that dancing has allowed him to travel the world to learn from artists such as Robert Wood, Andrea Miller, Twyla Tharp, Meredith Monk, Ralph Lemon, Mark Morris, Pilobolus, Germaul Barnes and Anna Saphoznikov.

My Bio As Haiku
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Just Navy Times - A Collection Of Sea Stories
Insert US Navy "Sea Stories" here.

A Completely Fictional Account Of My Achievements
Nothing but lies.

The Whole Kit & Kaboodle
Insert long-winded life story here.