Points to everybody...

I have been teaching a modern dance workshop at DanceStation in O’Fallon, IL this week. Three levels, ages about 8-18. It’s been a really good week so far (today was the day the kids finally hit the wall, so I took it a little easy on them and had some brief Q&A sessions with them to allow them to recover from their cumulative injuries/aches.)

I’d like to share a moment from today though - a moment that EVERY teacher wants to have happen to them…just once in a while.

I am also setting a piece on the youngest group. Their attitude has been absolutely amazing - always present, always engaged, always giving consistent effort. Sure, they’re not at the same level technically as the older groups (because, obviously, they’re younger) but they are PRESENT.

I walked into the studio today for my class with them…and found them already rehearsing the piece on their own, counting out the beats, communicating positively about notes I had given, and having fun.

A huge smile on my face, I walked into the classroom and they stopped rehearsing. As they walked (or skipped, or jumped) over to me, I said to them “This is exactly what every instructor wants to see - the whole class, working together, preparing the material from the day before. I’m so proud of all of you, and I’m awarding POINTS to everybody!”

(There is no points system in place. There is no reward, unless you count the Ghirardelli chocolates I brought for them after rehearsal. But they understood.)

What better reason to look forward to the next day (the final day of the workshop) than a group that clearly is invested in being present. Well done, everyone. Well done.