*Employment:  Begin post-graduate teaching career.  I have always wanted to be an educator (I have consistently sought out positions that allow me to learn/teach/mentor.)  Now that I have completed my MFA, I believe it is merely the first step in the realization of my goal to be a university level dance professor.

*Digital Software Suites:  Expand my knowledge and experience with the following software suites: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite 6, Logic Pro, ISADORA.  While I have been using them for a few years now, I would like to deepen my knowledge of these to the expert level.

*Dance Photography:  Continue my research into the field of Dance Photography with the eventual (within five years) goal of publication and a website devoted to Dance Photography and the promotion of the art.  Continue to provide students, faculty, performers, choreographers, and learning institutions with free, high-quality digital images for personal use.

*Dance Technology / Digital Media Intensive:  Design a Dance Technology/Digital Media Intensive Workshop designed specifically to ensure that existing dance faculty remain current on existing digital technologies.  This could also be a great ACDFA or summer workshop course.

*Movement Exchange: Maintain and build my relationship with Movement Exchange, a dance-based cultural exchange program for dance students.  I am currently volunteering as part of their Marketing & Design Team.  During my third year at the University of Utah, I was fortunate enough to travel to Panama City, Panama with Movement Exchange for a service learning trip.

*Spanish: Complete Rosetta Stone Spanish software (in progress) with the goal of reaching out to a fast-growing segment of our population, as well as other Spanish-speaking cultures around the globe.

Movement Research

*Conscious vs Subconscious Decision-making in Improvisation:  With the stated of of this research being the improvement of future improvisation training and the direct channeling of this research into structurally improvised choreography, I am currently reading medical research focused on the decision making process of the brain/body in relation to movement control.

*Screen Dance / Digital Media:  I am highly interested in producing work that is available online (to reach wider audiences and promote the exciting things we do on a daily basis.)  Whether this is dance film, dance photography, or material that is interactively broadcast online, I think it has definitely an area of our field that could reap enormous benefits.

*Texture and Impermanence:  Our world is in a constant state of decay.  Our technology and commerce is based on a system of sleek design and novelty.  To me, there is a stunning level of contrast between the two that needs to be explored through Screen Dance.

*Momentum-Based Movement and Partner Work:  I am fascinated by momentum and redirection of energy through initiation. I’d like to specifically continue my choreographic research toward this area with an interested eye toward Alexander Technique, Laban Movement Pattern Analysis, Contact Improvisation, and Release Technique.

*Aerial:  I would like to continue my movement research on aerial dance, specifically aerial harness and aerial window.  I see aerial dance happening in quite a few places, but in a sort of circus-like incarnation that seems to be a series of skill-based demonstrations (and not choreographically inspired developed ideas.)