The images on this page were taken at Stansbury Island, Utah.  I will continue to add photos to this gallery (as I have approximately 3,000 photos from multiple trips) as they are edited.

Dancers:  Lynn Marie Bobzin, Kelly Bruce, Scotty Hardwig, and Michael Ryba

All images taken by benjamin allen mielke

Fun fact:  these images were taken at a salt flat, where we encountered multiple textures.  In the first images, you will see a "shoreline."  Walking on this area (the "dry" part) was like walking on snow with an icy top layer - slushy underneath, crusty on top.  As soon as you entered the water, it changed to a "coral reef" consistency - very hard and difficult to dance on with bare feet.  In the middle of this huge puddle (luckily it had rained that week) was the skeleton of some sort of raft.  The area immediately surrounding this form was basically two inches of soft, watery, salty slush - perfect to dance on.  

NOTE: I have removed the photos from the first trip so I can be a bit more thorough in my editing.  I should have them all back up shortly...well, I still have Lynn's and Scotty's solo shots to edit - only about 2,000 images.  So that may take a day or so...depending on my Red Bull tolerance.

Thanks for your patience!

If it was great the first time, why not go back?

Well, we did.  Here are the results...

Starring: Michael Ryba, Lynn Marie Bobzin, and Scotty Hardwig

All photos by benjamin allen mielke