Nouveau Ma (2013 premiere)

Installation project by benjamin allen mielke

Choreographic Structure, Installation Design and Construction, Music Composition, Performance and Editing, and Video Editing by benjamin allen mielke

Structured Improvisation by benjamin allen mielke, Keanu Forrest Brady, Scotty Hardwig, Samantha Matsukawa, and Laquimah VanDunk.

Photographs by benjamin allen mielke

for Frank (2012)

Choreography by benjamin allen mielke
Performed by benjamin allen mielke and Robert Goodman

Created at the University of Utah as part of my thesis research. Movement based on one of my template drawings.

Frank Bynum was my supervisor and best friend in the United States Navy during my tour on the USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51.) He loved Monty Python, sarcasm, and a good, cold Scrumpy Jack Cider. He will be missed.

overmachine (2012)

Choreography and costume design by benjamin allen mielke

Lighting design by benjamin allen mielke and Alysia Ramos

Performance footage, Friday, November 30, 2012.  Wide shot.  Filmed at the University of Utah Marriott Center for Dance.

Dancers: Katherine Adler, Ariane Audd, Grace Cheney, Nate Dryden, Amy Frietas, Robert Goodman, Scotty Hardwig, and Eliza Tappan.

Music: Edited selections by Brenton Winegar including Portishead, Thomas Brinkmann, Survival Research Laboratories, Club Moral, Akira Yamaoka.

What we left in Panama (2013)

Dancing and interview by Lynn Bobzin

Cinematography and editing by benjamin allen mielke

Created in Panama during a trip with the Movement Exchange cultural exchange program.  I'd also like to say that, due to a memory card disappearing, this film is what I'd consider "from the wreckage" of remaining footage.  


Exhaust 2.0 (2013)

by benjamin allen mielke

Dancer: Robert Goodman

Music: Eternal Love #3 by Erik Pauser

Created at the University of Utah using an experimental editing technique.


The Perfect Piece (Documentary) (2012)

by benjamin allen mielke

Created at the University of Utah for Screendance Documentary Project


Directions: Wash Hands And Rinse (2011)

Co-choreographed, designed, and constructed with Lynn Marie Bobzin.

Created at the University of Utah for Graduate Technology Installation Project.

Dancer: Emily Terndrup (currently dancing with Gallim Dance in NYC!)

Music Editing: Lynn Marie Bobzin

Video/Photography/Multimedia: benjamin allen mielke

Video coming soon!  In the meantime, please enjoy these photographs of the piece.