First look into New Zealand!

I've lucked out - the Internet has worked out just enough to post my first set of photos from New Zealand!  Included are a couple of shots from the drive from Auckland International Airport to our campsite at Papamoa Beach.  Enjoy them HERE!


Our campsite is lovely.  We have not one, but TWO bouncy pillows!  (Photos are currently being edited...)  Our site sits high on the dunes overlooking the beach, just next to a parking lot where surfers park their cars and prep for the beach.  Amenities are high quality for a campsite - our spot has clean running tap water and an electrical hookup, and the campsite has a couple shower sites with hot water.  The hot water only runs for 5 minutes, no lounging in the water!  Of course, this morning I tried the second site, and it was just like being on the ship...30 seconds of hot water, 30 seconds of freezing cold water...I think that's why I'm a bit grumpy today.  When we get back, my first task will be to get my full 5 minutes!

There is a kitchen area where we can store food in a refrigerator/freezer, as well as sinks to wash dishes and stoves to prepare food.  There is a large flat screen television, although to be honest why would you go to the beach to watch television?

We've seen plenty of birds, but the highlight of the past couple days has been the late night sighting of two HEDGEHOGS!  If it hadn't been so dark, I'd have photos for you.  (I'll work on catching them!)


A fun moment from our first dinner:  Rob is a slow eater.  Mariel and I were already done with our salads and steak, and he still had a full plate of food left.  Then he asks, "Does anyone have an extra fork?"  We looked around, and found one for him to use.  However, a couple minutes later, he pauses, staring intently at his plate:  his fork was under his salad!  So, from this point forward, I fully intend to get photos of my fork under different NZ meals...